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Author and Actor Team For Performance at Tate

Tuesday, March 31 2009 @ 11:20 PM EDT

Las Vegas

Author Lewis Kimberly teamed with BookPALS once again to animate her children's book "Granny McFanny". Actor Leslie Ortega donned a yellow dress with red polka dots, and high heels with ankle socks as she went dancing, skiing, and rodeo riding before students at Myrtle Tate Elementary.

The students roared as Granny stumbled through each of her adventures.

Before reading the story, the author went over the writing process with the students -- from pre-writing, to editing, illustrating and publishing.

After the assembly, Kimberly signed autographs for students and teachers. It was a fun adventure for all!



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Author and Actor Team For Performance at Tate
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, July 29 2012 @ 10:28 PM EDT
A pretty dencet episode but we can't expect Fringe to knock it out of the box every week. It was a mesh of "freak of the week" and the mythology. In fact in the future we should expect that episodes may be straight "freak of the week" as the writers have to stretch out the mythology storyline. Peter is the one to disarm the box because he comes from the alternate universe and saw the blueprint to the weapon. Professional hierachy be damned. I see similarities to the recent Terminator series where it is John Connor's destiny to bring down Skynet. Peter asked Bolivia if it is his destiny to destroy worlds. Realistically what dude would immediately pick up that his girl is not really his girl? Bolivia is an identical copy of Olivia. A woman may catch on to situation like that faster than a man would. I don't think Bolivia is remorseless. She did show some regret about having to shoot the man. It is just that she has a mission to perform and true to her military ethics she did what she had to do. Love the line Bolivia: Who is Boo-Noo?

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