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We're sorry you are having trouble watching Storyline Online!

Here are solutions to some of the most common problems...

"All I see is a red screen."

Your computer is missing the Flash plug-in or has an old version of Flash. This site currently requires Flash 10 or later. Download it for free at, follow the installation instructions, and relaunch your browser.

"I can navigate through the site, but when the books open, no video plays."

Your computer's Flash plug-in may not be working correctly. Uninstall Flash, then download the newest version at, and follow the installation instructions to reinstall Flash. When the installation is complete, relaunch your browser.
Adobe has some more Flash Player troubleshooting tips here:

"When I open a book, it gets stuck on 'Connecting to Streaming Server...'."

There are probably a lot of people trying to access that story at the same time. Try reloading the page or closing it and opening it again a bit later. Also, try waiting for a few minutes to see if the stories will eventually load. Try closing the book (click anywhere) and re-opening it. If the problem continues, try a different story, or come back later in the day.
If your computer is behind a firewall, set it to allow content from YouTube and ports 1935, 443 & 80.
Additionally, try and see if you have trouble with other sites that stream video.

"When I open a book, it gets stuck on 'Loading story...'."

We currently are streaming our videos through YouTube. It's possible that your network is filtering this site. Try visiting If the site doesn't load, your ISP is likely filtering it.

"YouTube is blocked by my school."

YouTube recently created YouTube For Schools to give teachers and school administrators the ability to view selected, approved educational videos while still blocking general YouTube viewing. To learn how to use YouTube For Schools or to create a YouTube for schools account for your school, visit

"I can't view the website on my computer, even though I could view it before."

Our recent site update improved video quality dramatically, but changed the Flash Player requirements to Flash 10, so make sure you have that version of the player at the minimum. See for the Flash Player system requirements to make sure you can use Flash 10 or later on your computer.  

"The video stops and starts, or freezes while playing."

Your internet connection or computer processor may be having trouble keeping up with the video stream. Try choosing the "360p" or "240p" version of the story.
Bandwidth constraints and general Internet congestion can cause issues since the videos are streaming directly from a content server (as opposed to downloading locally to your computer before playing).  Sometimes you may see slower performance when trying to connect at a time where there is either heavy traffic on the Internet or on the video streaming server.

"I try to play the story but nothing happens."

Your browser either has pop-up window blocking enabled or Javascript has been disabled. You may need to ask your teacher/librarian/parent/network administrator for help adjusting this.

"Can I download the stories to play later?"

We're sorry, but our arrangements with the book authors and publishers require that the videos play only on the site, and cannot be stored or saved on other computers. We'll be here anytime you want to watch, though!

"I am having problems with the sound."

Sound problems can vary from the computer having issues with sound itself to the Flash Player not working correctly. It may also be that you are connecting at a larger/faster connection setting and your Internet connection is too slow to play at that speed. Try choosing the "240p" or "360p" setting. Also, check other Flash sites and streaming video sites to see if the sound is working. You might also try to uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player.

"How do you fast forward or rewind during the story?"

There is a small circle that shows the progress of the movie along a timeline at the bottom of the video. (You may need to place the pointer over the video for the timeline to appear.) Click the circle with your mouse/pointer, then drag it backward or forward to move to different parts of the video.

"I've tried the suggestions above, but the site is still not working."

Try to close the browser window, empty your browser's cache, clear your browser's history, then go back to the website again. 

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